Our Mission

What Makes Rochambo Unique

Rochambo Coffee and Tea House loves to promote exceptional products from passionate businesses that champion the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. Our offerings bring the best of intentions and products to our customers, most of which are ethically sourced, fairly traded, organic, pesticide free, non-GMO and free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. What we offer is meant to resonate at the highest of vibrations for well-being on your daily journey. Like our friends at Rishi Tea Company, we are fellow truth-seekers committed to finding and offering the cleanest and most delicious products available. Our mantra is to create peace by being peace. Our goal is to build Relationships and a CommUnity one delicious bite and sip at a time. Come on in and enjoy “the house”—your Oasis on Brady Street, open until midnight every night.


Victorian House

A topsy turvy duplex with all sorts of artwork and cozy, intimate places to meet.

Historic Brady Street

We're located in the heart of the popular business & restaurant district, running between Lake Michigan & the Milwaukee River.

Quality Ingredients

Artisan infused simple syrups with real cane sugar and all natural ingredients

Organic Dairy

Non-dairy alternatives like Silk coconut vanilla milk and Pacific original hemp milk— both free from carrageenan.