Quality Beans from Quality Beings

Our beans come from the passionate and committed team at Valentine Roasters in Milwaukee, WI.  We switched the main component of our business after 17 years when the owner, Robb, came to us with a bag of espresso and his Bering Sea Blend. The espresso was smooth and delicious. The coffee was complex and perfectly roasted to highlight the subtle nuances of the beans. It was a style very different to what we had been used to. It was a risk, but we took a chance on the new company and switched.  For a year we were without a house blend. We don't just take an existing blend and rename it. We make our own. As his business slowly expanded we waited until we found the perfect trio of beans good enough to put our name on. It took even longer to make it 100% organic, but finally, with Robb's commitment to realizing our dream of an all organic house blend, the mission has been accomplished.

Passion is our Specialty

Grace, Kindness, and Bee Love are just a few of the names of our delicious drinks. Our Specialty Espresso drinks are truly spectacular when you combine:

Valentine Roasters

Espresso Beans

Smooth, delicious, and roasted to perfection

Hand Crafted

Artisan Simple Syrups

All natural ingredients, no GMO's and pure cane sugar


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

The luxurious flavor underlying our Mocha based drinks