Loose Leaf Teas

If you step back in time, it was pretty hard to find anyone serving loose teas in 1995. Most establishments thought it was a hassle beyond any value. Most customers thought tea had to come in tea bags. Fast forward to the present and you find a whole generation of tea drinkers who began their journey in the world of tea at Rochambo.

Rochambo is proud to serve Rishi teas among our offerings. Rishi is a locally owned business with a national profile, dedicated to high quality teas and tisanes sourced from all corners of the planet.

Way back when we learned that many people need to engage the staff a bit before they start experimenting with tea. When you get a chance, ask a staff member to see some teas you are interested in, or ask them what they are enjoying these days.

Fact: If you aren’t really a coffee drinker you probably have a tea drinker trapped inside of you.

If you labor over choosing syrups to add to an espresso drink or wish you had more room for cream you might already be a tea drinker. In reality coffee and tea drinking isn’t mutually exclusive, but there are many people who just need an introduction to tea to gain more satisfaction from it.

Fact: You can get a buzz from tea.

Just ask Larry, he has been lost in the Exclusive Company back room for the last ten years, but before he went AWOL, we got him jacked on 7 infusions of Spider Legs and he was starting to see the light. He was even beginning to accept music created after 1990 as legitimate…

Fact: white tea worth $150k a pound can make you levitate.

The Tea Man once poured some white tea for us that was gifted to him by a friend in China. He believed the tea was priceless, due to its origin and quality. Its rarity was indisputable. We drank it from little Yixing vessels. After several pours, chairs were redundant.

Rochambo offers an ever-changing list of loose teas. Special focus is paid to green, white, and herbal tisanes, but we offer semi-oxidized (oolong) and black as well.