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Rochambo Stays Sweet and Natural

Rochambo was born in 1995. Our Inspired Healthy Words drink menu was born 20 years later. The Motivation behind the birth of our Inspired Healthy Words specialty drink menu is as follows:

  1. Create an entirely new drink menu for the first time in 20 years
  2. Upgrade ingredients to artisan crafted and the highest quality available
  3. Use names for drinks that are positive and uplifting
  4. Craft drinks that taste awesome and are free from artificial colors, flavorings, high fructose corn syrup
  5. Highlight the awesome organic milk or alternative non dairy Hemp or Coconut Vanilla Dairy substitute we use

Something seemed wrong when I would look at the bottle of lavender syrup we had faithfully used for so long. Although the color of lavender was beautiful and it smelled wonderful, there was just something wrong with putting an industry standard syrup in a drink that was colored with red and blue food coloring and scented with artificial lavender. We were using high quality organic milk, artisan locally roasted Valentine espresso and degrading the product with lavender colored syrup. A staff member kept telling me about a coffee shop in Minneapolis that was using flavored homemade bitters in their drinks. This inspired a search for artisan real simple syrups. I found a great company that was committed to pure ingredients and was worthy of crafting a new menu for inside the House.

For example, a pure cane sugar syrup infused with fresh 'Provence' culinary lavender flowers is now the base for our lavender latte and lavender mocha. Next, I was inspired by the positive vibration of the words we use and the uplifting effect it can have on us and those around us. Who can't use a little more Grace, Kindness, Compassion and Peace in their lives? I created a list of positive vibration words and had my dear friend and author of Healthy Words 101, Fondè Bridges, help taste the new drinks and give his input into what word went with which drink. The joy of seeing him taste the Spearmint Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Mocha and gleefully respond that "this is Kindness" will forever stay in my mind. The birth of a new menu with beneficial names was born that day. For over 2 years our customers have been benefitting from our high vibration drinks that our dedicated staff create daily with the secret ingredient.

I thought i might have been a bit crazy that day, but it's been "a bit crazy" and "keeping outside the box" that has kept this old House going all these years. Every now and again I will share the stories and inspirations from inside the House. 22 years is a lot of time with a lot of stories! Love what you do, do what you love, and share it with others! 🐝


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