If you step back in time, it was pretty hard to find anyone serving loose teas in 1995. Most establishments thought it was a hassle beyond any value. Most customers thought tea had to come in tea bags. Fast forward to the present and you find a whole generation of tea drinkers who began their journey in the world of tea at Rochambo.

Rochambo is proud to be the first cusomer of Rishi tea. Rishi is a locally owned business with a national profile, dedicated to high quality teas and tisanes sourced from all corners of the planet. By building relationships one sip at a time we are able to help start up businesses have an outlet for their exceptional products. We believe in great taste and the benefits of well being that come from consuming tea. Share a pot of great tea with a friend!

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Nuwati teas are excellent for spiritual improvement, focus, & healing your ailments