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You got my heart, speak electric water, you got my soul, screamin' and howlin' - Jimi H, Regular

Coffee & Tea For The People

Rochambo is proud to partner with locally owned Valentine Coffee Roasters. Valentine is a start-up venture led by a longtime Rochambo friend and customer, who wanted to forge his lust for good coffee with his passion and experience in wine. Try the custom Rochambo Blend, exclusively available at Ro.


We are the only local purveyor of the herbal tisanes from Nuwati. "Herbal remedies from the medicine cabinet of mother earth." Find out more about Nuwati by clicking here.


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rochambowisco or rochambowisco

  • Hi, I had a small chat with someone here the last time a post was made about possibly having a small wedding at Rochambo. How do I move forward with that idea? Thanks :)

    Posted By Myra Holloway

    April 20

  • sweet b and another use for buckthorn cookies - both are treasures in the house!

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    April 13

  • Do you still have Lavender Lattes? I saw it one day on your board. Should have got one, never had. Ill make the trip, I love your place!

    Posted By Alicia Balistreri

    April 09

  • Hand crafted "buckthorn cookie" mirrors are up in both of the bathrooms. We have some clever guys at scheubert landscaping who have been creating art with an invasive species.

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    April 07

  • THANK YOU - for your patience with our dust. the downstairs bathroom is open! a few more additions to come - aka a mirror - but we are good to go.

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    April 03

  • Red Root Native American healing balms - Respiratory and Chest balm, and Joint and Muscle balm are back in stock -

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    April 01

  • St, Patrick's Day - remember to stop in for the "Best Irish Coffee Around" - Valentine Exclusive Rochambo House Blend, Tullamore Dew, hand whipped organic heavy whipping cream, lil sugar and a lot of love!

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    March 15

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