Purveyors of ancient pleasures, serving the underbelly for the greater good.

You got my heart, speak electric water, you got my soul, screamin' and howlin' - Jimi H, Regular

Coffee & Tea For The People

Rochambo is proud to partner with locally owned Valentine Coffee Roasters. Valentine is a start-up venture led by a longtime Rochambo friend and customer, who wanted to forge his lust for good coffee with his passion and experience in wine. Try the custom Rochambo Blend, exclusively available at Ro.


We are the only local purveyor of the herbal tisanes from Nuwati. "Herbal remedies from the medicine cabinet of mother earth." Find out more about Nuwati by clicking here.


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  • http://www.theonion.com/article/relaxing-tea-better-fucking-work-53948

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    September 15

  • Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse shared Brady Street BID's event.

    https://www.facebook.com/events/1849982118563173/ Save the date - we will be donating 10% of our sales during the event to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Division of the Humane Society!

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    September 14

  • I miss you guys. Best café ever.

    Posted By Tristan Robert Roy Blum

    September 09

  • Join us in helping Finding Your Fairytale kickstart their campaign and help support our very own barista, Erica who has been with Rochambo for 5 years as a valued team member. "Alice in Wonderland is portrayed by Erica, who fell down the rabbit hole of addiction and found herself trapped in a dark and dangerous place. 8 years ago, she awoke from the nightmare and left the chaos of Wonderland behind in pursuit of her happily ever after."We are honored that she has made Rochambo part of her journey of happily ever after. Please check out the link and if the cause and stories resonate with you, please consider helping. Rochambo has made a pledge on behalf of our dear Alice in Wonderland! Thank you! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1998111817/finding-your-fairytale

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    August 22

  • The upstairs will be closed tomorrow 19 August - from 4-7 for our first ever wedding of a couple who met at Rochambo!🎊💫Business as usual downstairs and the upstairs will reopen at 7 for you all to bask in the positive love vibe left over from the celebration!

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    August 18

  • Tomorrow is the day we wait for all year - BRADY STREET FESTIVAL - make Rochambo "your oasis on Brady street"!

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    July 30

  • This Saturday 11am-midnight - Brady Street and Rochambo!

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    July 26

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