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Rochambo is proud to partner with locally owned Valentine Coffee Roasters. Valentine is a start-up venture led by a longtime Rochambo friend and customer, who wanted to forge his lust for good coffee with his passion and experience in wine. Try the custom Rochambo Blend, exclusively available at Ro.


We are the only local purveyor of the herbal tisanes from Nuwati. "Herbal remedies from the medicine cabinet of mother earth." Find out more about Nuwati by clicking here.


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  • Iced Coffee season has begun at RO. Slow and cold brewed House Blend!

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    May 22

  • The Best Irish Coffee around has gotten better - Tullamore Dew!

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    May 07

  • In House Barista Johnathon and his band - check it out!


    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    May 07

  • Gluten Free, non-GMO treats!

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    May 06

  • On Tap - Rochambeau Belgian Ale by Vintage Brewing Madison

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    May 01

  • New local craft brew coming in this week - Vintage Brewing - Madison eta - Friday

    Rochambeau - Belgian-style Pale Ale

    Brewed with highest quality imported malts and an authentic Trappist yeast, our Belgian pale is pure old-world class in a glass. But the special twist is in the hops- our brewmaster is secretly enamored with Sorachi Ace hops, a relatively recent Czech/ English hybrid developed in Japan. These are featured throughout Rochambeau, from bittering to flavor hopping additions during the brew, and even as a post-fermentation dry hop. Their uniquely lemony, powdery nuances accent this beer in all stages of the tasting experience, but work particular magic alongside the fruity esters of the Belgian yeast aromas. Like a beautiful, yet challenging piece of music, it may take more than one listen (sip) to realize an indispensable new favorite! 1.052 OG 30 IBUs 5.8% abv Why the name? Rock, paper, scissors…

    Posted By Rochambo Coffee and Teahouse

    April 29

  • Thanks for everything ( : Kati and Mia rock! I had a wonderful landing to my Birthday~

    Posted By Rose Merry Mulitsch-Majdik

    April 26